a detailed account of some of my dreams

Lately I've been dreaming like a madman. I wanted to relay my visions here. It is a journal after all. If you feel like commenting please do, but I am not looking for interpretations, just to write it down. There are two in particular that are quite mysterious.

Dream 1.
I find myself carrying all of the bags that I took with me on a recent camping trip. I am at restaurant/bar in that doesn't really exist...and I am there with a friend. We are meeting a couple of other friends there. We all show up, and I for some reason, still have all of my camping gear. The friend I came to the restaurant with found herself a beau and leaves with him. The couple who we had met there begin to fight and then soon they too are leaving. So there I sit with all of my camping gear and my friends all off on their own missions. After a bit of wandering and chatting with strangers I decide it is time for me to leave the establishment as well. I begin trudging along out the exit with gear in hand, over shoulder and on back. Then in the small alley way that the exit faces onto, I see my old cat buddy, Langston. He is wandering in the alley too. I think to myself 'I can't just leave him here'. So pretty soon I have Langston in my arms as well as all of my camping gear. I begin walking down 45th, trying to find a taxi to take me home. But for some reason, every time one nears, some frat-boy or sorority sister comes running out and steals my cab. This is really getting frustrating so I begin to walk, heading towards the U-District. I soon encounter some unsavory types of people and I become a bit frightened given my full arms and lack of capacity to move quickly. Then a bus shows up and the dream ends. It's 5 am and now I am awake.

Dream 2.
For some strange reason I decide I want to steal this red trans-am I see on the street. So before long there I am cruising down the street in my new wheels. I meet a very young woman who becomes interested in driving with me in 'my' new car. So I let her in and we are off. A few moments later we meet some of her friends and then there I am cruising down the boulevard in a stolen car with 3 underage girls. This is definitely getting weird. Girl number one really wants to drive the car, and since it isn't really mine, I figure 'who am i to stop her'. Within moments of getting behind the wheel she has already hit two other parked cars. This is too much for me. I let her have a piece of my mind to which she responds that I am being ridiculous. Okay well then I'm outta here. I ditched the car and the minors and go off on my own to catch a bus. On the bus I run into someone I have never met, but who I seem to know very well. But just then I realize that I am missing my clothing and so hop off the bus, drop my messenger bag and coffee cup and run for what seems like 10 miles. I find my clothing and begin running back to where the woman I ran into on the bus is waiting for me. She is somehow still on the bus though, just arriving to the place I have run to now fully dressed. My bag and coffee cup are still right there where I left them. My and my friend then decide to go visit a bookstore. I sneak out the back of the bookstore and decide I want to steal a motorcycle now, so there I am again. Grand theft again. I ride around for a while and then park the bike and meet my friend again who is still at the bookstore. She and I take a walk to go visit her work. I think she needed to pick something up there. When we arrive however, her work mates are on my thieving ways. In fact it was one them who was the rightful owner of the motorcycle. My friend tells me to 'get lost'. I start walking away down the street and before long I notice a policeman. Or at least I think he's a cop. The patch that would normally say 'Seattle Police' on it has been ripped from his uniform. This seems really odd to me. I look all around and I notice there are police kicking the crap out of people all over the place. I seem to have stumbled into a riot. I begin to run because I don't want to be pummeled like everyone else. I duck and dodge through an alley way and then it appears I have arrived on the black top of some sort of elementary school. There is a marching band practicing on the blacktop. It's 5 am and now i am awake.

>>More to come.

Decibel Festival 2008 Annoucement

Decibel Festival

To view this press release online please visit : <>

August 5th 2008 ::: 2008 marks the 5th anniversary of the Decibel Festival, an annual event held in Seattle that has now become one of North America's preeminent electronic music events. To coincide with this landmark year, Decibel has planned its most ambitious festival to date; featuring more than 100 acts from 12 different countries, organized within 24 showcases at 11 different venues over four days. The lineup is not only massive but also the most diverse yet, increasing the international stature and range of artists, representing everything from underground dance to experimental audio / visual performance. Adding to the traditional club events, this year's program will feature a two day dB Conference, Optical Multimedia showcases, a BBQ, an outdoor park event, an ambient dinner theater and an overall theme of sustainability in the arts.

The four-day Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music Performance, Visual Art and New Media will take place September 25th - 28th. Visit <> for travel info, tickets and additional info about the 2008 Decibel Festival.

• 2008 Decibel Lineup
• Educational & Non-Club Events
• Club Events
• Tickets / Passes
• Venues
• Sustainability In the Arts theme
• Sponsors
• About Decibel

Carl Craig, Deadmau5, Jahcoozi, Flying Lotus, Dixon, The Bug feat. Warrior Queen, Audion, Glitch Mob, Eluvium, Tujiko Noriko, Jeff Samuel, Deaf Center, LA Riots, William Basinski, Tycho, 33Hz, Santiago & Bushido, Mike Monday, Barbara Morgenstern, Akira Rabelais, Fax, Library Tapes, Helios, Stewart Walker, Luca Bacchetti, Lusine, Noah Pred, Deru, KiloWatts, Eskmo, [a]pendics.shuffle, Jeff Greinke, Balún, Cubenx, Alland Byallo, Welder, Derek Plaslaiko, Nalepa, Truckasauras, Jacob London, Careen Ajar, Dave Pezzner, Let's Go Outside, Jerry Abstract, Attentat, Bryan Zentz, Scott Pagano, Kid Hops, Mister Leisure, Craig Kuna, Shen, ndCV, novaTRON, Carole Kim, Taimur Agha, Sammy D, The Sight Below, offthesky, Kadeejah Streets, Phidelity, Nikola Baytala, Michael Manahan, Nordic Soul aka INCITE!, Chuck Flask, J-Sun, Crazy Larry, Eddie, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt, Les Freres Courvoisier, Lucy Bland, Rob Noble, Kris Moon, Scott Sunn, SunTzu Sound, m.0, Alala.One, Noisemaker, KillingFrenzy, Dr. Mr. M, Panty Control, 31avas, Struggle, Camino Acid, Jeronimo, m. quiet, Skoi Sirius, Aron Schoppert, Travis Baron, Vance Galloway, Shane Silkey, Limefeather, Punch Drunk Productions, Skyler, Epiphanous + more tba

**For a list of counties of origin, types of sets the artists will be playing, website links and affiliations, please visit

This year the Decibel Festival is expanding in exciting new directions, growing out to include all ages-daytime events as alternatives to the club showcases. These events include the following:

Friday 9/26 and Saturday 9/27 @ the Northwest Film Forum
Free with an "All Access dB Pass" or $7 presale / $10 at the door
Doors open at 12pm / All ages

The dB Conference brings together a broad assortment of workshops, panels, demo booths, and merchandise tables, providing opportunities to network with leading audio and video manufacturers. Workshops range from digital audio sequencing to hardware integration, and are hosted by a product specialist offering hands-on experience with leading technologies. Panels are made up of industry leaders discussing their thoughts on digital distribution, online promotion and sustainability of the arts in the music industry. For guaranteed admission we recommend purchasing an "All Access Pass" for the 2008 Decibel Festival online through Brown Paper Tickets:

Friday September 26 and Saturday September 27 @ the Northwest Film Forum
Free with an "All Access dB Pass" or $18 at the door each day
Doors open at 6pm / All ages both days.

Throughout our history, Decibel has always explored the relationship between visual art and electronic music. To commemorate the fifth year anniversary, Decibel will be hosting two OPTICAL Multimedia Showcases. Both showcases investigate the intersections between audio and video technology through debut live collaborations between leading-edge video and audio artists. All Optical events are held in a theater with limited capacity and have a tendency to sell out quickly, so be sure to arrive early and secure your place.For guaranteed admission we recommend purchasing an "All Access Pass" for the 2008 Decibel Festival online through Brown Paper Tickets:

[ Friday: OPTICAL 1 ]
William Basinski (New York) featuring video work by Scott Pagano (Los Angeles)
Jeff Greinke (Tuscon) featuring video work by offthesky (Lexington)
offthesky (Lexington) featuring video work by Sarah H. Dot (Boulder)
(more TBA)

[ Saturday: OPTICAL 2 ]
Akira Rabelais (Los Angeles) featuring video work by Carole Kim (Los Angeles)
Library Tapes (Sweden) featuring video work by Scott Sunn (Seattle)
Son of Rose (Seattle) featuring video work by Son of Rose
(more TBA)

Saturday, September 27 @ Volunteer Park
Free with "All Access Pass", "Deluxe Pass" or $10 presale / $12 at the gate
Gate opens at 1pm / All ages

Decibel in the Park is an outdoor live music showcase hosted in one of Seattle's most popular parks, located in the heart of the city. This is an inaugural event for DB, which we've assembled and exciting line up for, including Glitch Mob, Jacob London, Truckasaurus, Michael Manahan and Noisemaker. Advance tickets can be purchased through

Sunday, September 28 @ Havana's
Free with "All Access Pass" or $10 presale / $12 at the gate
Gate opens at 1pm / 21+

The Decibel BBQ is another fun opportunity for festival-goers to gather and listen to electronic music outside the traditional club environment during the day. Food will be provided by "Wingin' It BBQ" with sets by Jeremy Ellis, Kid Hops, SunTzu Sound and more. Tents will be provided in the outdoor area, and the. BBQ will be held rain or shine (indoor club venue will be available).

Sunday September 28 @ the Triple Door
Free with an "All Access dB Pass" or $20 presale / $25 day of sale
Doors open at 6pm / All ages

The 2008 Ambient Showcase is being held at The Triple Door Theater, which offers fine dining, reserved seating and an optimal audio / visual experience unlike any we've ever incorporated into the festival program. Performing this year will be Stars of the Lid's Brian McBride, Eluvium and Type Records recording artists Helios and Deaf Center (Norway). For guaranteed admission we strongly recommend purchasing an "All Access Pass" for the 2008 Decibel Festival online through Brown Paper Tickets: additional ticket will be available through the venue (more info to come).



Jahcoozi (Berlin) : Debut West Coast Live Set - Kitty-Yo, A-Records
Tujiko Noriko (France / Japan) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Mego, FatCat Records
Barbara Morgenstern (Berlin) : Live - Monika Enterprise
Balún (Puerto Rico / New York) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Brilliante, Observatory
Careen Ajar (Montreal / San Francisco) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Asphodel, Recombinant Media Labs

@ Neumos - $17 presale / $20 at the door - Doors open at 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

[a]pendics.shuffle (Los Angeles) : Live - Adjunct, Orac Records
Stewart Walker (Berlin) : Live - Persona, Force Inc.
Mister Leisure (Seattle) : Live - U-Freqs, Peloton
INCITE! aka Nordic Soul (Seattle) : Live - Decibel, Peloton
With Peloton Team DJs: Shane Silkey, Limefeather and Aron Schoppert

@ Sole Repair - $10 presale / $12 at the door - Doors open at 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

Cubenx (Puerto Vallarta) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Static Discos, InFiné
Attentat (Denver) : Live - Communikey, Dope Recordings
Les Freres Courvoisier (Boulder) : Live - Communikey
Alala.One (Boulder) : DJ - Communikey

@ The Baltic Room - $7 presale / $10 at the door - Doors open @ 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

Oi VAY! DJs Jeronimo, Eddie and Struggle
@ Grey Gallery – Free - Doors open at 6pm / 21+


Deadmau5 (Toronto) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Mau5trap Recordings
Luca Bacchetti (Italy) : Debut Seattle DJ Set - Wagon Repair, Tenax Recordings
Santiago & Bushido (Chicago) : Debut Live Set - Potty Mouth Music, Ultra Records
Let's Go Outside (Portland) : Live - Soma, Peloton

@ Neumos. - $20 presale / $25 at the door - Doors open at 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

KiloWatts (Philadelphia) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Native State Records
Welder (San Francisco) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Native State Records
Nalepa (Los Angeles) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Native State Records
Shen (Toronto) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Native State Records

@ The Baltic Room - $12 presale / $15 at the door - Doors open at 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

Jeff Samuel (Berlin) : DJ - Poker Flat, Trapez
Derek Plaslaiko (New York) : DJ - Ghostly International, Bunker
Jerry Abstract (Seattle) : DJ – Shitkatapult, Fixelplix

Sole Repair - $10 presale / $12 at the door - Doors open at 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

novaTRON with WD40 (Seattle) : Live
Camino Acid (Portland) : Live
ndCV (Seattle) : DJ
Lucy Bland (Seattle) : DJ
Skyler (Seattle) : DJ

@ Hengst - $10 presale / $12 at the door - Doors open at 8pm / 21+

Presented by Starborne
Eskmo (San Francisco) : Live - Cyberfunk, Vertical Sound Records
Phidelity (Portland) : Live - Native State Records
Rob Noble (Seattle) : DJ - audiblebicycleday, CRANE
Skio Sirius (Seattle) : DJ - audiblebicycleday

@ CoB - $12 presale / $15 at the door - Doors open at 11pm / 18+
Tickets available online at

Kulturszene / PDX DJs feat. Bryan Zentz, 31avas and M. Quiet
@ Grey Gallery - Free - Doors open at 6pm / 21+


Carl Craig (Detroit) : DJ - Planet E Records
Audion (Detroit) : Live - Spectral Sound
Chuck Flask (Detroit) : DJ - Paxahau

@ Neumos - $20 presale / $25 at the door - Doors open @ 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

Tycho (San Francisco) : Seattle Debut Live Set - Ghostly International / Merck
Deru (Los Angeles) : Live - Ghostly International / Merck
Lusine (Seattle) : Live - Ghostly International / Hymen
The Sight Below (Seattle) : Debut Live Set - Ghostly International

@ The Baltic Room - $12 presale / $15 at the door - Doors open @ 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

Presented by Shameless and Club Pop
LA Riots (Los Angeles) : DJ - Ed Banger Records, Fool's Gold
33Hz (New York) : Debut Live Set - Dither Down, Foolhouse Records
Recess (Seattle) : DJ - Shameless, Club Pop
Sean Majors (Seattle) : DJ - Lost Boys, Pound Records
Levi Clark (Seattle) : DJ - Shameless
Club Pop Residents (TBA)

@ Chop Suey - $12 presale / $15 at the door - Doors open @ 9pm / 18+ (2 rooms)
Tickets available online at

Alland Byallo (San Francisco) : DJ - Kontrol, Nightlight Music
Nikola Baytala (San Francisco) : DJ - Kontrol
Craig Kuna (San Francisco) : DJ - Kontrol
Sammy D (San Francisco) : DJ - Kontrol

@ Sole Repair - 10 presale / $12 at the door - Doors open at 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

Presented by Cheap Sunglasses and Decibel
Dixon (Berlin) : Debut Seattle DJ Set - Innervision, Get Physical
Taimur Agha (New York) : Debut Seattle DJ Set - Cheap Sunglasses, BLK | Market
Dave Pezzner (Seattle) : Debut Live Set - Jacob London, Freerange Records
Crazy Larry (Denver) : Debut Seattle DJ Set - Cheap Sunglasses, Uddermadness

@ CoB - $15 presale / $20 at the door - Doors open at 1am / 21+
Tickets available online at

Knight Riders DJs feat. Cntrl_Alt_Dlt, Dr. Mr. M, Travis Baron and Panty Control
@ Grey Gallery – Free - Doors open at 6pm / 21+


The Bug featuring Warrior Queen (London) : Debut Seattle Live Set - Ninja Tune, Rephlex, Tigerbeat6
Flying Lotus (Los Angeles) : Live - Warp, Plug Research Records
Fax (Mexicali) : Live - Static Discos
(more TBA)

@ Neumos - $17 presale / $20 at the door - Doors open at 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

Mike Monday (London) : DJ - OM, Freerange Records
Noah Pred (Toronto) : Live - Thoughtless Music
m.0 (Seattle) : Live - Innerflight, From 0-1
Kadeejah Streets (Seattle) : DJ - Innerflight
J-Sun (Seattle) : DJ - Innerflight

@ Sole Repair - $10 presale / $12 at the door - Doors open at 8pm / 21+
Tickets available online at

Sunday September 28th - Artists TBA

This year Decibel will be offering three types of festival passes:
"All Access Pass" = $175 : Access to all venues, all four days and nights (very limited).
"Deluxe Pass" = $125 : Access to all club events, Thursday - Sunday, and also "Db in the Park". (This includes everything except DB Conference, Optical 1 & 2, the Ambient showcase, and DB Afferhours).
"Weekend Club Pass" = $100 : Access to weekend evening club events, Friday through Sunday.

* All passes can be purchased online at:

We'll be offering a limited number of discounted Deluxe Passes ($100) from July 15th through August 15th. We'll be sending out a weekly password code and instructions via the Decibel Email List. To subscribe to Decibel Email List visit <> and fill out the subscription box (left side of the home page). Please note the All Access pass is the only one that provides guaranteed passes into every event, and the only pass that provides afterhours admission.

Individual Showcase Tickets (see showcase ticket links above) will be going on sale beginning August 5th (23 Showcases ranging from $7 to $25).

**For a complete list of tickets and passes, please visit

Neumos / Moe Bar (Main Stage Showcases : Thurs - Sun) : 925. E Pike St
The Triple Door (Ambient Showcase : Sun) : 216 Union St
Chop Suey (Sat) : 1325 E. Madision St
Sole Repair (DJ / Label Showcases : Thurs - Sun) : 1001 E. Pike St
The Baltic Room (Live / Label Showcases : Thurs - Sat) : 1207 Pine St
Northwest Film Forum (OPTICAL 1 & 2 and dB Conference : Fri - Sat) : 1515 12th Ave
Grey (Will Call and Decibel DJ Lounge : Thurs - Sun) : 1512 11th Ave
CoB (dB Afterhours : Fri - Sat) : 920 Elliott Ave. W
Volunteer Park (dB in the Park : Sat) : 1247 15th Ave E
Havana's (dB BBQ : Sun) : 1010 E. Pike Street
Hengst Studios (Fri) : 1506 Franklin Ave E

**For a complete list of venues, including links, please visit

Seattle is one of the top green cities in the U.S., reflecting the increasing global need for positive environmental impact. Decibel will reflect this sustainability focus through the following initiatives:

• Implementation of a recycling program at all Decibel venues
• Bicycle rental offered as alternative transportation option to cars in-city
• Mass Transit or train usage encouraged if biking is not viable option
• Bio-diesel generators in use for specific event(s)
• Main festival hotel, Best Western Executive, one of the few Green Hotels in Seattle is hosting all dB artists in eco-rooms
• Further themes to be announced

Decibel Festival would like to warmly thank all of our sponsors so far this year. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email

2008 Sponsors & Partners:
Ableton, Audiofile Engineering, Beatport, Bleep Labs, City of Seattle Mayor's Film & Music Office, Café Walter Audio, Centroclinal, Clise
Properties (Best Western Hotels), Dynacord, Easy Street Records,Ghostly International, & Lounge, Hollywood Hill Vineyards, Igloo, KEXP
90.3 FM, Left Coast Marketing, Necodo, Nonsequitur, Northwest Film Forum, Oseao Media Group, PAN Communications, Peloton Musique,
PlayNetwork, Quinn's Pub, Resident Advisor, Sole Repair, Starborne,The Stranger and URB Magazine.

All transportation and lodging partners this year feature ways to reduce visitors' carbon footprints and ease their stay while in Seattle. They each offer eco-friendly rooms while also providing comfort and a good night (or morning) rest. These hotels are offering discounts to Decibel attendants:

Best Western Executive Inn: 206.448.9444
Best Western Loyal Inn: 206.682.0200
The Eight Avenue Inn: 206.233.0185

**For a complete list of partners and sponsors, including links and logos, please visit

Founded in 2003, Seattle's Decibel Festival ( <> ) bridges the gap between technology and creativity through visual art, workshops, panel discussions and cutting-edge electronic music performances. By assembling a diverse selection of international talent, Decibel Festival provides a forum for musicians, industry professionals and educators alike.

The 5th Annual Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music, Visual Art and New Media will be taking place September 25 through September 28, 2008 in Seattle Washington.

dbinfo mailing list

Hidden bonus tracks on CDs

In this day and age of IPods, ITunes, WinAmp or Music Match; why the hell do musicians still put 'hidden' tracks on a CD. When that track is encoded into an MP3, the 10 minutes of silence between the end of the real song and the hidden track usually results in my changing to the next song. I mean first of all, the data on the CD used to hold the silence uses up space on the disc. You want to give your fans a bonus? Put two extra tracks on the CD and skip the silence. And give the songs a name while you're at it. We don't mind names like 'Live jam 29' or 'untitled' even.

Short rant over.
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She's a meanie

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about clubbing and dancing as we grow older. You know I don't really want to grow-up. Don't get me wrong, I am not in support of ignoring wisdom or living in denial. There are demands the world places on us but you know answering the call doesn't mean one has to become boring. Or bored. Clubbing is by no means the only way to have fun. To some it's the way *not* to have fun. I'm just saying for me the feeling is that of fun fun fun. Though I may have had too much to drink last night. Normally, I like to go and dance. Aerobic style. Sweaty and bouncy.

Riding my bike somehow recalls this same kind of feeling for me. It might be the summers where my BMX was nearly attached to my body. 11 years old and looking for new jumps! So I've been thinking. About fun. About happy places. Try to be satisfied but not satisfied enough not to try. I just made that up...i think.

Peloton, my project with Aron Schoppert is promoting some of its musicians at a Seattle dance party called Bonkers on May 15th, 2008. Please come by if you can!

Speaking of Peloton, Jerry Abstract made us a logo and we like it.
Peloton's new logo designed by Jerry Abstract

Hiawatha Lofts has been splendid. People are starting to organize, we just got a grand piano in our community room! Downstairs, the bike shop, cafe, gallery and dance studio are making progress. I like the idea have mixing commercial and residential space when there some ideal to bind them.

I think the loft-warming party/belated birthday party is going to be Memorial Day weekend. More details soon to come.

I thought I would support the little guys but I am wrong

Well after telling numerous potential converters to Apple that they could use Open Office for the Mac. It seems like a good theory, until you need to do complicated formatting in a text document. I found Open Office to be limiting, and do not currently have a decent replacement. I was trying to export my text from Photoshop when I realized I would have to use my PC at work to finalize the document.

Many things were just to difficult to figure out in Open Office. Hello? Can I change the size of my paper please? Apparently not.

So I am looking forward to Microsoft Office 2008 arriving to save me from my invoice and letter writing woes.

'Mood' based playlists

I've been in kind of a pissy mood this last week as I have been sick and then recovering slowly from being sick. I miss being outdoors as much as I have been used to lately.

In the interest of keeping myself sane, I started looking for a way to group music together in my itunes playlists. I wanted to listen to The Cure today, so using the search bar typed in 'the cure'. A Sixtoo album came up in the search results too. I put the filtered set of music on random and let it go. I found a certain mood was created that was a hybrid of those two artists sounds.

This got me thinking. What about a Smart Playlist set up on the same principle? So what did I do. I created a new Smart Playlist and added the following criteria:
Artist contains love
Name contains love
Album contains love
Genre contains love (just in case)

I set the search to match any of the above criteria. What I expected was a bunch of love songs. But you also get an interesting variety. A song with the word 'love' in the title will really be different for every artist. Fatboy Slim's tune "Love Island" transitions into David Bowie's "Modern Love" more buttery than you would think.

Another feature of the ID3 tag is the 'Grouping' field when you view details about a particular song or group of songs. In Itunes you right-click then select 'Get Info' on the selected songs the Itunes list window. With grouping, you can essentially tag your music, and then create playlists or filters that work with your own flavor as the coalescing force.

I enjoy leaving it to chance, so I am basing my playlists on song and album titles. That way the word I choose ('love' in the example above) gives me a selection of what other people i.e. the artists think of the word.

Probably everyone has their own way of achieving similar results, but I felt like sharing mine.

Me = Performing at NOVA Spirit Fest on May 18th, 2007

Greetings, Art Friends, Progressive Community, and Those Seeking to Have a Fresh Good Time!

It gives me great pleasure to announce and welcome you to the 1st Annual Nova Spirit Fest!*
Friday, May 18, from 2 - 8 pm
at Nova Alternative High School, 2410 E. Cherry Street (23rd and Cherry, in the Central District)

Featuring student and local talent inside of the possibility of integration, inspiration, and fun :
Nova Trike, Memorial Mural and Vision Mural, Community Stories, 206 Hip Hop Crew, Art Show, Poetry Reading, Girls' Party Guitar, Dance Committee, Ass-Kicking and Improv, Hurdy Gurdy, T-Shirt Cannon, Climate Change Table, Save Darfur Table, Halfbreed, Music Production Demo, Keme Band, Bass Beats Butoh Crew, Organic Food, Poi Spinning, Hoop Lessons, Art Sale, Plant Sale, Drama's 'Drury Lane''... and You!

There is no entry fee to this event, so come ready to support an alternative high school making a difference in the world; with you we can make a bigger ripple!

NOVA Spirit Fest

Finally an Apartment!!

Well Yangjah and I have finally moved out of the lovely studio of Sheri Brown and into our own apartment. We are living in the historic building: 'The Ticino'.

The apartment is sweet and cozy, and we have begun to make it our home. Alan Sutherland and Stefanie Ashby-DiRicco have helped us move so far. I am very thankful for the storage I have been provided by Conan Gale and the Artsbrewery project, without it all of my stuff might have been really far from the city, or missing all together.

After nearly one year, it was a great feeling to be reunited with my lovely pine dining room table. Ginger Vaughn and Nathan Ursch gave me this table many many years ago, and it is still a fixture in my life.

Since it is a new apartment for me, the internets are not open there yet. I had to order service from Speakeasy internet, and the wait time for installation will be approximately 3 weeks. At first, I was thinking: WTF? Isn't this the turn-of-the-century or what? But I am really glad for the opportunity to become reacquainted with Zietgeiest coffee!

The location in the International District is perfect for my commute to Bastyr, and also works really well for Yangjah as she is interested in practicing Tai Chi in the park. We both love the ability to walk for our groceries, to the art galleries, to practice space in the Tashiro Kaplan building and to everything else in downtown.

We made sure every light bulb in the place was a energy saver, meaning we can be running the lights in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom at the same time and still not be using the electricity required for one 60 watt incandescent bulb. No car, low energy lights and most supplies within walking distance...we have a pretty small 'carbon-footprint' as the politicos like to call it. Speaking about it in terms of real life though, I would call it a common sense footprint. Or just common sense.

We are happy as clams there so far though! The arrival of the futon last night....made it quite a bit more comfortable :)

Keep your eyes out for more info about life in the I.D.
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Flyer for !!ArtsLaunch!!

The flyer for May's show is out now!
I did the design for April, and we are re-using the flyer in May.
Look for my performance with Yangjah there as well.

!!ArtsLaunch!! - Arts Launch May 2007 - Art Walk - Pioneer Square
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